How To Choose the Correct Golf Irons

Selecting the right golf irons is the most important part of getting started well in the game of golf . Irons are the most numerous clubs that you’ll have in your golf equipment. You will use them on every hole . And they will also include the wegdes that you’ll need for the short shots by the green .

Each iron is designed to hit the ball a given distance depending on the loft of each iron . A set of golf club irons are numbered from 1 – 9, and then there is a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. The lower number clubs are designed for longer shots, and as the numbers go up the loft of each club increases and therefore the distance decreases. A full set of golf irons should be able to cover a distance of between 100 – 230 yards.

In choosing a set of golf club irons, it’s best to get them custom fitted to your particular skill level and body type. You normally can get a custom fitting at a golf pro shop or a golf equipment retail store. The fitting usually only takes about an hour to complete and will often cost about $50, but the advantages of having a custom fitted set of golf irons is well worth it for your game .

There two main things to look at in considering irons . First is the clubhead itself. Most often, clubheads come in either cavity-back or forged design . The type of clubhead you choose will most likely depend on your current skill level at the game. The advantage of cavity-back clubheads is that the weight is distributed around the outside perimeter of the clubhead, making a much larger sweet spot for hitting the ball.This can be a great advantage for a new or high handicap golfer who doesn’t always strike the ball exactly right.

On the other hand, forged clubs are the choice for more experienced, low handicap golfers instead. The advantage of forged irons is that they are made from softer steel and therefore transmit more feel to the golfer. Of course, because the clubhead is much smaller than a cavity-back clubhead, forged irons are much less forgiving then cavity-backed clubs are . But for better and more experienced players, forged irons give them much more control over the shape of their shots.

Second, a component of golf irons that needs serious thought is the club shaft. The choices are either steel or graphite. Generally speaking, steel shafts can be a good choice for those who have a very fast swing speed as it gives you more control. On the other hand graphite shafts can help out those who have a slower swing speed as they provide more distance.

Buying a new set of golf irons is a very important step in improving your game, so be sure to take your time and select the clubs and materials that will best fit both your skill level and the way you play the game. Look for discount golf clubs online to see some good values.

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