Vacations In Cardiff, Wales And Important Things To Know

Cardiff is not just the Welsh capital city, bit also it is the most popular tourist destination in Wales and the United Kingdom other than London, the English capital. The city of Cardiff is also the largest Welsh city, however the city remained but a small town until the early eighteen hundreds. It was during the early eighteen hundreds that Cardiff saw itself grow into an important seaport involved in the transportation of coal mined locally, together with other local industry. Cardiff eventually received city status, from King Edward VII, on 28th October nineteen hundred and five, but, strangely, Cardiff only became the capital city of Wales on the twentieth of December nineteen fifty five.

Soon after this Cardiff became the place of choice for many national institutions, such as the University of Wales Registry  Building, the Welsh National War Memorial and the National Museum of Wales. Throughout the last few decades the industry known as Information and Technology has seen superb growth rates as well as, although to a lesser degree other areas of business, most noticeably in service industries. The industry of tourism has also grown considerably and there are now surprising numbers of establishments offering bed and breakfast in Cardiff.

Tourist Attractions To Visit In Cardiff

Although Cardiff has been a city for only one hundred years, surprisingly there has been a castle in existence there for 2 thousand years, or thereabouts. The Cardiff Castle we see today is, most likely, the city’s most popular attraction which can be discovered right in the very middle of the city centre. One is able to go on a guided tour investigating the castle’s interior, and, enjoy a pleasant walk around the stunningly picturesque gardens of the castle. There is also a fairly new Interpretation Centre at the castle which shows the differing development stages, of the castle,  across time from the period of the Romans through to modern times.

You will also discover that there are many more modern attractions in Cardiff, including Techniquest, one of the UK’s finest Science Discovery centres. At the centre folk will discover more than one hundred hands on exhibits, designed both to entertain and fascinate groups of all ages. There’s also a planetarium, a laboratory, a hi-tech Science Theatre and a Discovery Room.

There are many more visitor attractions to see in the Welsh city of Cardiff, so, if you are in the process of considering spending some time there it is immensely important that you book your  lodgings at the earliest moment because, sadly Cardiff hotel accommodation tend to be surprisingly busy and are often fully booked months in advance. If you are travelling in a group you might find that apartment accommodation in Cardiff turns out to be a reasonable alternative compared to bed and breakfast accommodation.

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