Tips for Beginning to Play Golf

Starting out to learn the game of golf , you’ll find it can be a lot of fun and may even become a lifetime recreation . Start slowly and follow some of these tips .

1. Don’t invest in expensive golf clubs to start .

While trying to learn all the basics , you don’t need expensive golf clubs. You can begin with used clubs, or rent them from the golf course. You will just need 2 woods (#3 and #5), 3, 5, 7, 9, pitching wedge and sand wedge irons, and a putter.

Search for garage sales, as most good golfers change their sets often, and you could find some good ones at a greatly reduced price. Many beginners borrow clubs from friends that they golf with . Online retailers of discount golf clubs and clone golf clubs is another good source. After you become more proficient at the game and develope some consistency, you can think about purchasing clubs that are fitted for you.

2. Spend some money for golf lessons.

There are many places to get golf lessons. You can hire a professional, go to a driving range that provides lessons, or get a friend who golfs well to help you. When paying for lessons, you can expect to be charged $30 to $45 per hour. The rule of thumb is, spend more money for lessons than you spend for equipment.

3. Find a good practice range.

You will find driving ranges within your area, but if you can’t find one or if it’s too expensive, practice your swing in your backyard.You may even have enough space to hit a full pitching wedge or 9 iron. The 9 iron is the best club with which to start learning proper swing basics. Most teaching pros will insist that you start with the shortest clubs and then graduate to the longer ones.

4. Choose golf courses that fit your playing skills.

When beginning , go to easy golf courses first, usually 9 hole courses. When you are ready for a full sized, 18-hole golf course, ask your golfer friends about the best places to play . Courses that are not too sandy or have a lot of water would be best. Try to choose courses that have few golfers so that you can take your time in getting prepared for each shot.

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