Want a better Australian holiday? Choose a better destination

There is something special about an Australian holiday, because Australia has such a huge variety of absorbing places to visit. Take Monkey Mia, for instance.


Monkey Mia lies about 850km north of Perth. This World famous beach is where sociable dolphins swim to shore to interact with keen humans. Monkey Mia, on Australias Coral Coast, is close to a immense number of unique attractions unparalleled anywhere else in the World.
Monkey Mias population was always small; settlement was stalled by the lack of rain and water. Until recently, water was obtained from a nearby desalination plant at Denham, the main township located 26km southwest on the other side of the Peron Peninsula.

The dolphins interest thousands of enthusiasts each year; marine biologists visit Monkey Mia to study the affable dolphins in their natural habitat and people come from all over the World to experience nature in the raw. The tiny group of dolphins that migrate into shore are part of a much larger pod of 300 that live further out in the bay. These charming bottlenose dolphins come of their own free will to relate with people on a daily basis.

Dolphins seem to have a Worldwide appeal, everybody adores these loveable placid animals, and surely it is everybody’s pipe dream to actually swim with them, touch them and play with them. So come and indulge your dream and frolic with the dolphins of Monkey Mia.


In 1990, the area adjoining Monkey Mia were officially affirmed a marine park and in 2001, the Monkey Mia Visitors Centre was opened by the Western Australian Government department of Conservation and Land Management CALM.

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