Visitng France Will Make You Feel More European

France is a country with a lot to offer the visitor and for that reason it is a very popular place for tourists. In fact it is also one of the most popular travel destinations in the world with more than 80 million people heading here each and every year. The fact that we now have the tunnel connecting the UK to the continent means that we are now lucky enough to be able to get from Folkestone to Calais in just over half an hour; once on the other side there are endless possibilities.


Even though France is a large country, you can drive to most parts within a day or two so this is fantastic especially if you don’t mind driving. So once there, you can decide where you want to go; maybe the beautiful Mediterranean beaches or the snowy French Alps. Or you could take a trip to Paris instead and maybe treat your children to a Disneyland break. You can ski in France during the winter and another type of holiday is one involving the vineyards which is great for wine lovers.


This fantastic engineering feat really is something else especially as it enables us to get to France easily, and much quicker. You can be driving along a road in the England and less than an hour later you are driving on a French road. It is so easy to take your car with you to France with the tunnel which will allow you to get to many different parts of France with minimum fuss during the one holiday. If you live in the South of England it is now possible to pack the car and go for a picnic in France and come back the same day; it is hard not to feel a bit more European when the continent is that close. It has never been easier to get to another country for us.


City breaks Europe style are not only fashionable, but are here to stay. France hotels are considered to be among the very best on the continent when thinking about these types of break. A lot of these are pet friendly hotels to boot. For a romantic weekend away, city breaks are the best.

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