Mauritius – Treasure Island of Jewels.

If you love warm conditions, long scorching sandy beaches, and beautiful sunsets, Mauritius is the perfect holiday spot for you.

This little treasure in the Indian Ocean caters to holidaymakers, in particular from Europe, South Africa and Australia.

Visitors freely acknowledge that Mauritius is totally magical and return each year, so if you also want to experience this magic and see a real jewel in person, look at what Mauritius has to offer you.

You will discover a very wide selection of Mauritius holiday accommodation which is available for immediate reservation and more people have now realized the allure of this sort of Mauritius self catering format.

Mauritius beaches are legendary and the warm crystal lagoons are renowned throughout the world for their stunning beauty.

If you prefer and revel in water sports and other activities, you definitely don’t have to lie on the beach the whole day.

You can try scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, swimming, parasailing, or any variety of other entertaining adventures which can be found in close proximity to your vacation accommodation or Location Ile Maurice as the French would say.

One of the best things about this pleasant island is its multicultural diversity and it is quite nothing like many of the other islands in the world.

The standard of living in Mauritius is all told quite high, and also the tourism sector has always been considered a cultured, high-end market.

As far as spending money is concerned the Mauritian Rupee is more widely used but British Pounds and Euros are often accepted currencies in the major tourist regions and resorts,and the exchange rate in regard to the Mauritian Rupee has stayed fairly constant the last few years.

More and more, Mauritius is becoming another residence for retired people chiefly from Europe as they wish to escape the cruel winters and find the island warm and very cost efficient regarding general expenses.

Mauritius can be your sole vacation destination, and you may fly directly into the country’s airport, or you may wish to extend your travels and join one of the many cruises to complete your itinerary.

These types of cruises include a short stop in Port Louis harbor, the capital city of Mauritius.

This amazing little gem of treasure presents everything to all people no matter whether you prefer just a relaxing holiday to doze all day in the sun or an thrilling family vacation full of adventure.

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