Understand More About Smoking a Cigar

Cigar smoking has quickly taken its place in society as a new method of easiness, and well.. its just another way to say, I’m Cool! This article hopes to help you understand the ins and outs of smoking a cigar! What are the basics of cigar smoking?  How do you light a cigar?  How do you draw on the cigar properly?  Do you inhale?  What are the dos and don’ts of cigar smoking? Is it OK to have an indoor smoking room if its got an air cleaner and purifier? If you have ever pondered any of these questions, read on.  Here is a simple and approachable primer designed to help you gain acquaintance with the sometimes confusing, always enigmatic world of cigar smoking.  

First Step:  Lighting Up a Cigar

First, all new cigar smokers should apprise how to properly light a cigar. While some places have indoor smoking areas, they are few and far between, and you have to bear in mind to the air cleaner purifier running the whole time, taking away the pleasure! Use a clipper designed for cigars to clip off the edge of the head (the section you put to your mouth). If possible light the foot of your cigar with a cedar match.  Avoid regular cigaret lighters.  They pose a foul odor that can hover and ruin a good cigar.  If you must use a lighter, use butane lighter.  These will keep the odor to a minimum.  However, you should always strive to use a wooden match because lighters can comfortably infect the foot of your cigar.  How do you light up?  merely strike a match and hold the edge of your cigar over the fire.  Avoid touching the cigar to the fire, simply hold the cigar over the flame and draw deeply until the cigar is lit.

Second Step:  Burn it down to a nub?

Should you burn your cigar down to a nub?  Expert smokers recommend you leave at least two inches to your cigar.  Even the finest cigars will tend to get bitter if you let it burn all the way down.  What about ashes?  Should you knock the ashes off of your cigar?  Rather than knocking the ashes off the edge, let the cigar rest in the ashtray when you’re not smoking it.  The ashes will fall off naturally.  

Third Step:  Relax and Enjoy

A cigar should never be rushed.  By design, cigars should be savored, rather after dinner party and with a glass of good brandy.  Hold the cigar between your thumb and fingers—anything else might be considered bad taste.  Also, don’t inhale deeply.  The smoke should not reach your lung.  This is very bad for your health, and it will not help you taste the cigar any better.  Of course, you should always be considerate of those around you.  If possible, smoke in the fellowship of other cigar smokers. A good cigar can be enjoyed alone and even more so with friends. 

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