The Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

Birmingham is an interesting city in the English county of the West Midlands and it is an immensely popular destination for vacations and  day trips. The city has an immense variety of world class visitor attractions including a great many Grade I Listed churches and stately homes as well as many museums and galleries, including the Ikon Gallery Birmingham UK.

The Ikon Gallery in Birmingham, England, is an art gallery focusing on contemporary art which is located in the building which was once the Oozells Street Board School in Brindleyplace, however it had not always has such a prestigious local.

The gallery was founded in the year nineteen sixty four by Angus Skene and 4 students of art.  The four artists were; David Prentice, Sylvani Merilion, Jesse Bruton and Robert Groves. Angus Skene had bought an artwork by Prentice and the two of them talked about the numerous problems suffered by local artists, including the lack of venues for local artists.  The discussion formed the basic ideas for Ikon which was to be a “gallery without walls”.

Angus provided the initial funds for the project, which consisted of mobile exhibitions in such varied venues as cinemas and post offices in a motorcycle sidecar. The idea being to make the general public more aware of art.  To reduce expenses staffing duties was by the founding artists who did it free of charge. After a while the Gallery obtained a glass walled stall in the famous Bull Ring shopping centre.

Over the two couple of decades the Ikon Gallery moved from location to location until 1997 when it purchased, with aid from the National Lottery Fund, the present premises, the former Oozells Street Board School. recently the Gallery has put on a number of exhibitions and its continuous ability to excel has led it to become surprisingly popular, so much so that it opened another gallery in 2006, Ikon Eastside in  Digbeth.

If you are considering a short break in Birmingham try to allow time to visit the Gallery. Also it is important to know that although there are many Birmingham hotels finding Birmingham bed and breakfast can every now and again be pretty difficult. Because of this it is vitally important to book your accommodation at the earliest opportunity. You should be aware that Birmingham’s airport is roughly 8 miles from the the city center just off the A45 and near the M42 (junction 6). You will find that there is a number of hotels and guest houses nearby the airport.

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