A flight to Mauritius is your ticket to Eden

Mauritius is surely one of the really nicest destinations for tourists known to mankind.

The spectacular sun-kissed immaculate sandy beaches of Mauritius will flood your heart with their charm, elegance and serene beauty.

You will just fall in love from the second you set eyes upon the shores upon your arrival.

Mauritius flights are obtainable from most of the world’s main airports either directly, or with a short connecting flight in either Europe or Dubai.

Flight companies will help you with your choice in order to guarantee that your holiday in your Mauritius Self Catering Villa or as both the French and the locals like to say Location Hebergement Ile Maurice a top-quality and first-class experience as over the last few years this type of Mauritius holiday Accommodation appears to be all the rage at the moment.

The road transportation system has improved to a huge extent in recent years and umpteen coaches and cabs offer comfort and plenty of capacity for those not desiring to drive and alternatively wishing to realise the multi-ethnic flavours in a more intimate way.

Tourists can love mixing with the amicable and affable locals when utilising this effective and bargain-priced method of transportation.

France and the United Kingdom which take roughly 12 hours flying time, are both sometimes thought of as tiresome and gruelling, even so, on your arrival the journey is soon forgotten particularly once you first clasp eyes onyour Location Ile Maurice.

Spend your holiday relaxing on the beach looking for shade among the palms and various trees spread along the beaches and you will understand why Mauritius is the perfect vacation for couples, singlesand perfect for families as well.

Water sports are on hand at moderate rates everywhere you go and the warm gentle wind surrounding the island are perfect for windsurfing and parasailing.

Try snorkelling which is fabulous in the lagoons and observe first hand the glorious, exotic that illuminate the water, a magic sight to see.

If golf is something you would like to try then Mauritius will supply you with several international standard and well maintained courses with sensational backdrops of beaches and lush green mountains like no other in the world.

For well made garments at bargain prices take an excursion to the city of Port Louis which is the capital of Mauritius with a plentiful supply of market stands and tourist trinkets, the scene is amazing.

Excursions to minute little fishing hamlets that are untouched by tourism are indeed a great and yearned-for adventure as the locals carry on their daily business in the glorious landscape.

Air Mauritius is the national airlinewith both a outstanding service and world class safety record and there are direct flights from Europe and Australia whichmakes this fabulous destination readily and easily accessible and visitors get the added chance to go through the freshly renovated airport on their arrival which aids in a good baggage recovery system.

Fly fast and straight to Mauritius and see the magic..


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