The Best Camping Resorts – Ideal Vacation Options For Families And Loners

Beautiful camping resorts are ideal for ‘close-to-nature’ holidays – whether you want to take time out with your family or travel alone. Emphasis by fitness experts and New Age philosophers on integrating ‘Nature experience’ in your life has spurred the growth of camping resorts in both Europe and America. They have become ideal spots for de-stressing far from the madding crowd for urban generations. Twice the number of holiday-makers is visiting camping resorts now than two years ago. There are mainly four types of camping resorts that you can choose from depending on what’s on your mind regarding the holiday.

If you’re someone rugged enough to carry your tent as a backpack, can cook on fire, go without emails and phone calls for long stretches of time then the safari or Nature-park holiday is great fun for you. You can enjoy being close to wildlife too. These kinds of camping resorts will have secluded camping sites that also satisfy the Nature photographer in you.

But if you still want the woods, early morning bird chatter, golden sunsets and sunrises without letting go of the all the luxuries of modern life like showers and air-conditioning, look for the camping resorts that also double up as spas and health resorts.

Then, there are the camping resorts that dot a cycling or hiking trail. These are large areas where you can stop for a breather on a seven-day or longer journey. You still carry your tent and essentials with you but you are not cut off from the rest of the world either. You can walk a bit from your tent and find a payphone. If you don’t want to cook under the sky, you still have access to packaged food nearby. These are great for caravan travelers.

Most camping resorts are designed for families with the organizers offering options for all kinds of group activities as part of the stay. These include games for children like treasure hunts, nature classes, walking sessions, astronomy hobby courses, cooking sessions and more. Camping resorts are ideal for family bonding and teaching children about Nature.

You can also take up combo memberships with camping resorts so that you can camp on their entire range of properties every successive holiday.

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