Get Familiar With Golf Course Layout

A typical golf course will have 18 holes, although you will find a few that have only 9. That’s normally due to the developers not having enough space or didn’t have enough money to build a full course . Courses that are next to the sea are called links courses , this name comes from Scotland where golf was invented. (They were the link between beach and farmland .) You may have heard about the 19th hole – that is a term for the clubhouse, the place where golfers often visit after playing to have a drink and reflect on their game.

Most golf courses are between 5,500 and 7,000 yards in length , this is obviously the length of all the holes added together. You will find a few courses that are longer, but generally those courses are what the professionals use in the competitions. When you are a beginner, start at the low end of that scale steadily working your way up as your game gets stronger.

Every hole you play on a golf course will be a par-3, par-4, or par-5. Par means the number of shots a fairly good player should take to finish a particular hole. For example, on a par-5 hole, a player would probably make one drive from the tee, two more full swings, and two putts. Two putts is the norm on a green .

Using three putts isn’t very good . One putt is a great and what everyone tries for . In a perfect round of par golf, half the shots you take will be taken on the greens .

A par-5 hole is longer than a par-4 (two full swings, two putts), a par-4 is longer than a par-3 (one full swing, two putts). Generally, par-3s are between 100 to 250 yards in length; par-4s range from 251 and 475 yards long, and par-5s are anything longer than that.

Most of the courses you will play will have a total par of 72, and usually have ten par-4s, four par-3s, and four par-5s. There are however some golf courses with total pars of anywhere from 62 to 74. Almost anything goes.

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