Taking A Train Around Europe

There is a lot of choice available to us in the UK when it comes to travelling. In the past travel abroad meant a huge expense for people and was something that was exclusively for those with plenty of extra money in their pockets. But for most British people a trip to Brighton or Skegness were all that could be afforded and a lot of people never got to go anywhere at all. But luckily foreign holidays are getting cheaper all the time and for most of us a foreign holiday is something we can look forward to at least once every year. It is easy for us to get to Europe these days on a train and once we get there it is so easy to keep using this method of travel to explore.


If you want to travel all around Europe by train then you can buy flexible tickets which will permit travel in the whole Euro Zone. Years ago these tickets were only popular with young people who didn’t have much money and who wanted to backpack around Europe. Travelling this way is not only less expensive than other methods but it is also a great, fun way to see the whole of Europe and that is why people of all ages are now choosing to travel around the Euro Zone by train. And when it comes to short trips away, one of the most popular places to visit has got to be France. We can now get from London to Paris in just three hours on superfast trains.


The rail network in the UK and the rest of Europe is generally of a high standard and this makes these trips a lot more pleasurable. And you will be able to go around to plenty of different places whenever you feel like it if you have a flexi-ticket. Some people choose not to make any plans and just get off the train in places that look interesting as they pull into the station. These types of holidays allows the adventurer to go to many places around Europe that they may have never heard of previously and might never have had the chance to see otherwise. The other advantage of rail travel in Europe is that it tends to be a lot more scenic then using the motorway and you don’t have to worry about traffic jams.


It is a lot of fun getting an English ferry (ferry angleterre) for a trip to the UK. Very often, though, some enjoy the delights of the Channel Tunnel (tunnel sous la manche). For thos wanting to stay in England (sejour angleterre), these are probably the best methods of getting there.

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