Strategies for NightClub City

                NightClub City might be just a way to pass some time to you. You click, you buy stuff, you socialize with other players and all the rest of it. But for many players, nightclub city isn’t just any old social game. For one thing, out of all the most popular flash games that are offered in Facebook, NCC is probably one of the most interactive casual games. There are just so many things you can do in nightclub city, and to top all of that, the game is still in its beta phase, which just goes to show that the game is relatively new and there will be a lot more secrets and tricks will be unveiled as the game progresses.

                In contrast to other facebook games and other top flash games, in NCC, your club will be “interacting” with additional people and gamers that are from your friend list. These gamers will come to your club on a random basis, and you can select particular people from your friend list that will visit your club on a regular basis and that person will have a so-called “VIP” status.

Ineractive game, relaxed game, flash game, whatever you want to think of NCC, it’s not only that type of game. There are tons of hidden things that go along with it. Nightclub city secrets are just so plentifulabundant’ that even in its beta stages, NCC is showing potential of becoming a highly successful Facebook social game, particularly because Farmville has experienced a huge decline in users.

                Just some of these nightclub city secrets that I have come to notice, is that your bar supplies can only be refilled by a certain exact amount. You can’t decide how much you refill it. I don’t exactly know how much, but I guess it’s about 100 or so. Additionally, the flashing of the lights and the bar tricks that your bar tenders perform when “bar tricks” is enabled is somewhat related because when the light flashes, the bar tender does bar tricks.

                I don’t know all of them, but I do would bet there’s a NightClub City guide somewhere out there that has all nightclub city secrets. I wish I had time to read it right now, but I just can’t so I can’t even let myself Google it.

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