Packing For A Road Trip with Babies

Anybody that has kids knows that travelling with preschoolers can get a little rowdy.   Sometimes you don’t get very far down the road at all before you have the almost irresistable urge to turn back and forget about the trip all together.

You don’t need to be afraid any longer weary traveling parents. There is hope. A little bit of planning is all it takes to make your next road trip a more enjoyable one.

When children get bored they get cranky and hard to deal with. The night before the trip ask each child to choose three to five of their favorite toys to take in the car with them. Helping choose the activities can make the child feel a part of the trip, and they are likely to pick activities they will enjoy.

Parents should also choose something for the kids and bring it out as a surprise when the time is right. Bringing out something that they’re not expecting will break the monotony of travel. One great idea is window markers that lets the children draw on the windows and is easily washed off. Coloring books, crayons and pocket games will also help.

Toys and games from home will only entertain for a  few hours so have a few interesting and fun road games up your sleeve for this eventuality. See who can find more blue cars in two miles, or count out of state license plates. Spotting specific letters, such as who can spot the letter “C” the most times may have more appeal to the older kids. Parents and kids can take turns telling a story, round robin style. One person starts the story with a sentence and passes it on. The next person continues the story, and then passes to the next.

Why is it, when you’re miles from anywhere, that a child will always complain that they are hungry? Hungry kids are cranky grumbly kids. Always be prepared with a cooler full of fun easy to eat snacks. Healthy snacks are the best kinds as they are refreshing. Cut sticks of vegetables such as carrots and celery and make sandwiches out of fun shapes. Soft drinks and other sugary beverages should be avoided as these will just make the children hyper and restless. Sitting in a car gives them no way to burn all that excess energy off. Pouches and juice boxes are likewise a poor choice. When your child squeezes the container, juice will spray the entire car.

A road trip can be a great bonding experience for the whole family. Make your next trip one that you will enjoy remembering with fun activities and healthy food.

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