For the absolute best hen weekends, Scotland should be your destination

There are so many ways to commemorate the last nights of liberty. Hen and stag parties head all around the world for a few days of wild hoofing, to give that special person a chance to bid a fond farewell to single life. At one time, a single night was sufficient to venerate the event, but many are now making a choice to enjoy a weekend instead. That way, it’s not just a case of visiting the local restaurant and nightclub.

 The more lavish parties head to Vegas or Long Island, while many select a Western european location. Prague, Barcelona, Paris and Berlin are all popular selections, with a growing reputation for providing a good time. However, they’re not likely to suit everyone, for a spread of good reasons.

Anybody with an abhorrence of flying would be disinclined to attend, so reducing the impact of the party, particularly if one or two key folk flatly refuse to go. Any trip to the usa means jetlag may prove to be a major problem, and will without doubt cut back the energy levels at critical moments.

 Heading to the continent suits some, but there are bound to be language issues, especially in the more obscure locations. Having to change currency could be a pain, too, and it can be troublesome keeping the entire party together, especially if mobile telephones aren’t usable in that particular area. For these and lots of other completely real reasons, thousands are heading for stag and hen weekends in Scotland.

In every Scottish town and city, you’re assured a warm and amicable welcome. Whether you choose the sophisticated, understated nightlife of Dundee or Aberdeen, or the famous party capitals of Glasgow and Edinburgh, you may be sure the weekend will be wild, energetic and definitely enjoyable. A good time will be had by all, in a genuinely exciting atmosphere.

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