Medical Tourism Conference Releases Extensive Agenda to Target Emerging Opportunities for Global Healthcare Services

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA–(Marketwire – July 6, 2010) – The Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare industry represents an over forty billion dollar industry with millions of patients traveling each year for medical care. The industry faces many challenges, such as the increased competition of new countries and hospitals marketing their services, an economic recession and meeting the demands of a greater educated base of patients. The medical tourism industry also faces new opportunities in the form of healthcare reform in the US, the emergence of more insurance companies and employers in the US implementing medical tourism, and international insurance companies implementing global health insurance policies which let their clients travel anywhere in the world for medical care. As the medical tourism industry grows at thirty five percent each year, as estimated by Deloitte, for the next several years many new opportunities will emerge for the industry participants.

“The healthcare organizations in countries promoting medical tourism are improving the quality of the health care of their organizations in terms of services provided and accreditations. Investors are building newer, cutting edge hospitals as global competition increases and these facilities are trying to supply the high demand of new patients,” said Renee-Marie Stephano, President of the Medical Tourism Association.

“This is why the sharing of information about improved healthcare infrastructure and sustainable healthcare programs becomes essential and will benefit the local population by providing greater access to the latest cutting edge medical technology, e-health and telemedicine,” she added.

Some of the emerging trends to be covered during the congress will include ~

  • The Mystique of US Healthcare Reform for International Patients
  • Setting up Aftercare and Aftercare Networks
  • US and International Employers Case Studies on Implementing Medical Tourism into Employer Sponsored Health Insurance Plans
  • Creating the Link Between Facilitators, Hospitals and Insurance Companies
  • Public and Private Sector Collaboration ~ Prevention of Two Tiered Markets
  • Patient Safety in Cross Border Healthcare ~ Inbound & Outbound Care
  • Reinvesting Medical Tourism Dollars in Local Population Projects
  • Sustainable & Green Hospital Development and Healthcare Development
  • Expanding Role of E-Health in Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare
  • Baby Boomer Healthcare and Retirement Living
  • Providing Effective, Quality Healthcare to Expatriates

“When countries embark on building, marketing, and fulfilling medical tourism options for a regional and global community; the risk of a two-tiered system can result in undesirable and unintended consequences. Keeping and establishing a quality focus on healthcare services for all will become increasingly more important for a sustainable healthcare system,” added Ms. Stephano, she is also Chief Editor of Medical Tourism Magazine and Health Tourism Magazine. 

The extensive new agenda includes dedicated times for networking meetings, dedicated times for general sessions and dedicated times for exhibit hall hours so there is little to no overlap between different events at the congress. The new agenda can be seen at The new speakers for the medical tourism and global healthcare conference can be seen at

The conference will also have a focus on bringing in employers, insurance companies and governments who deal with international healthcare issues and employees and patients on a global basis. “The ability to access quality, cost-effective health care on a worldwide basis is critical to the success of any company with a global strategy for sourcing employees and/or providing services,” said Arthur Diskin, Vice President and Global Chief Medical Officer, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Azamara, who will be presenting at the Congress.

The 3rd annual MTA World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress, organized by the Medical Tourism Association, and the Medical Tourism Magazine, will bring together up to 2,000 of the most senior level healthcare, leaders, employers and insurance industry professionals September 22nd-24th, 2010 in Los Angeles.

“This year’s conference agenda is called Progress in Motion and we have created a whole new agenda and brought in new speakers to focus on how far the industry is advanced over the last three years,” said Jonathan Edelheit, CEO of the Medical Tourism Association. “The new agenda, schedule format and new speakers will bring an exciting new dynamic to all the attendees,” he added.

The conference is the dedicated annual event of the Medical Tourism Association, the non profit trade association in the Medical Tourism industry,, and media partner Medical Tourism Magazine, the only dedicated magazine for the medical tourism and global healthcare industry, and by Medical Tourism City,, a social network for the medical tourism and global healthcare industry with over one thousand participants from over sixty countries.

The 3rd World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress will also feature two additional conferences, the Expatriate Healthcare, Travel Insurance and Global Health Insurance Conference,, which focuses on international employers and insurance companies, and the Sustainable Healthcare and Hospital Development Conference,, which focuses on the growth of medical tourism in the healthcare sector and the building and development of healthcare facilities around the world.

The Medical Tourism Association™ (Global Healthcare Association) is the international non-profit trade association for the medical tourism and global healthcare industry made up of the top international hospitals, healthcare providers, medical travel facilitators, insurance companies, and other affiliated companies and members with the common goal of promoting the highest level of quality of healthcare to patients in a global environment. Our Association (Global Healthcare Association) promotes the interests of its healthcare provider and medical tourism facilitator members. The Medical Tourism Association™ (Global Healthcare Association) has three tenets: Transparency in Quality and Pricing, Communication and Education.

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