Defining Clone Golf Clubs

A popular misunderstanding about clone golf clubs is that they are cheap look-a-likes of big names like Callaway and Titleist , and not made to the same quality standards as the big brands. There are a few low quality clones being produced but, today, most of the clone discount golf clubs play as well as any club on the market..

Clone golf club companies do their business the same way as the big names . They have involvement in research and design , and use the same materials and methods as the brand names. Much care is taken to incorporate accurate and up-to-date specifications .

Manufacturers of clone golf clubs provide their golf clubs to the USGA for rules conformance verification . This process is expensive but proves to the golfing world that the clone clubs are legal and legitimate. Creating conforming clubs requires attention to detail and a good manufacturing methods.

Most clone producers provide prototypes to the manufacturer of the brand they are cloning for their approval. This insures that there is no infringement on any patent rights or copyrights .

Clone golf clubs from respected manufacturers will cost about 1/3 of the price for the name brands. They will be manufactured from the same materials as the big OEM’s and have equivalent shafts. Most clones can be purchased as custom fitted clubs with many choices of shafts, shaft flex, shaft length, and grips. What you get is a set of high quality, rules conforming, custom built clubs that will play the same as a set of expensive brand name clubs. What you’re not paying for is the huge endorsement fees that the name brands pay to professionals, or the mammoth advertising programs.

So, browse the Internet for the clone manufacturers and compare their offerings. Most will advertise what each model is a cloned from. If you like a particular name brand club but don’t want to pay the big bucks, you’ll find many high quality clubs from which to choose.

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