Cozumel Vacation Options – The choices are limitless

Preparing your Cozumel itinerary and not sure what all to include? Well, then here  are just a few solutions that you just may find helpful-
Whether you need to lounge around a seashore or go surfing, Cozumel has every kind of options. Bonita, Playas Encantada, Chen Río, Hanan,  Playas San Juan and Pilar (north-west), Chiquero, Punta Morena,  Palancar (south-west), Santa Rosa and Playas San Francisco  and so forth are some of the most popular beach area.

For scuba diving and snorkeling,  the Chankanaab Marine Park and Palankar reef are great locations.

The Mayan ruins are among the most amazing locations in Cozumel.  The city held an essential position through the Mayan post-Classic period and was a honored spot of pilgrimage devoted to the goddess of fertility Ix-chel. A number of ruins of the Mayan interval are still hidden in the jungle. If you wish you’ll be able to take a 4-wheel vehicle or a bike tour to discover the remains of the intriguing Mayan civilization.

The San Geraviso is another locationthat is value going to. The archeological site going back to eight hundred AD was a refuge of the Mayan  goddess Ix Chel and attracted worshippers from all the Mayan civilization.

You can spend a great a part of your day at San Miguel de Cozumel’s historic museum and aquarium. The museum tells the tale of the island’s history and the aquarium gives a beautiful glimpse of Cozumel’s aquatic species.

If you want to combine snorkeling with a little bit dose of historical past it’s possible you’ll take pleasure in a visit to the Castillo Real. The Castillo is situated on the east coast and consists of a Mayan lookout tower, the bottom of a pyramid and a temple. There are several shipwrecks on the marina and snorkeling right here is nice fun as the waters are relatively peaceful.

If you are touring with your family, you may additionally want to embrace a trip to the Uncover Mexico theme park in your vacation. The theme park tells the story of historical past of Mexico via models of famous archeological places in addition to award profitable videos.

Mr. Soncho’s is one other excellent place to visit with family. Right here you and your loved ones can take pleasure in water sports activities as well as different enjoyable actions like horseback using, ATV rides, etc. The beach place also boasts of some great restaurants.

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