An Informative UB Review

UB Poker, formerly Ultimate Bet Poker, is one of the top ten internet poker sites. For players anxious to find out how to get a UB Bonus and how to use the Ultimate Bet Bonus Code, keep reading this UB Review.

UB is thought to be a trendsetter in the industry and operates 24/7 with a big variety of games offered to keep the attention of even the most die-hard players. In fact, over 2,500 real money players can be found playing ring games during peak hours, which is around 8pm in the U.S. Pacific Time. For tournaments, peak hour traffic exceeds 20,000 real cash players at times.

In 2008 UB merged with Absolute Poker and together they formed the Cereus Poker network, which made Ultimate Bet one of the biggest poker rooms in the world. Their games are popular with players largely due to their super fast software, reliability and high level of design. In addition, the freshly named company is very player friendly, offering several attractive new features, such as the ability to fold and show, re-sizable tables, like many other sites, which you can shrink or enlarge freely to fit your preferences and needs. Also, if you play a lot of tables simultaneously, with the mini-table view you can keep an easy overview of what you have going on.

There are lots of other reasons that a real money player would want to stick around and become a regular at UB. For starters, not only is there an awesome choice of games (all the common suspects: 7 Card Stud high, Omaha high and high/low, Texas Holdem and more), but it has something very unique named the Buddy Function in which you can easily find all of your friends and you can chat with them outside of the regular games.

Other attractive features include a very decent referral program in which you obtain one hundred dollars for each friend you invite to join and a loyalty program that allows you to accumulate points which you can then redeem for cool merchandise or to enter special freerolls.

There are also huge guaranteed weekly tournaments and to add a bit of spice to the every day grind, a few of the best hands shown down will receive the High Hand Jackpots every hour.

So, obviously, UB Poker is very solid in the world of internet poker. Perhaps it is a sign of the times – more people looking to make their fortune and quickly to rebound from the hard-hitting damages of a country in the throes of a recession.

So, now that you know everything you wanted to find out about UB poker and you are headed straight to the website to start playing, how can you get the bonus code?

It is very simple: to get your 111% up to $1100 bonus, you just use the UB Referral Code: UBALLIN when you sign up for your account on the website and make your 1st deposit. Easy as pie, but you only get that one chance to use the code, so be sure to use it when making your deposit. There is no sense in missing out on the savings; in this economy, every little bit helps.

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