UK Travel Management Company Is First To Open Offices In Iraq

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwire – July 6, 2010) – CT Business Travel will be the first UK travel management company to open offices in Iraq. It will organise business travel to Iraq and provide local support to help minimise the risk to UK companies who are involved in re-building and improving Iraq’s infrastructure.

Corporate travel specialists CT Business Travel has operated a number of successful trade missions to Iraq over the last 12 to 18 months, following the success of these missions and recognising the opportunities Iraq presents, CT Business Travel has taken the bold step of opening offices in Bagdad and Arbil. This move will ensure that CT Business Travel can better service its clients who are travelling to and working within Iraq. 

There are many opportunities for UK companies to secure contracts in Iraq to help start re-building and improving the country’s infrastructure. However, any companies venturing to Iraq to help with this re-building need to understand that there is still a certain amount of risk involved; this war torn country can not yet be considered completely safe.

Mark Kempster, Managing Director of CT Business Travel commented: “By having offices with local staff in Iraq, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide essential advice and great service to help clients. Safety in a country like this is of course paramount so we can recommend the safest ways to travel around the county and the best accommodation to book, and should any situation arise where a company needs help, CT Business Travel is immediately on hand to assist.

This priceless local knowledge is also constantly being filtered back to our team in the UK. All our teams no matter where they are located go through rigorous and regular training regarding the most up to date and best security measures. The most important thing is that we are up to date with all the knowledge to ensure our clients have the safest journeys possible”.

No other UK travel management company has offices in Iraq and this puts CT Business Travel in a unique and privileged position, as they also have the ability to organise and provide visas for those wishing to travel and work in the country.

Through its years of experience in running trade missions and dealing with many UK businesses, CT Business Travel is able to identify and approach companies whose offerings are suitable to Iraq’s current and future needs, which will help re-build and provide the country with a solid infrastructure it so desperately needs.

CT Business Travel is an award winning corporate travel agency, has been trading for 21 years and is one of the largest independent business travel agents in the UK, providing travel management services to clients both large and small, offering great value and exceptional customer service. 

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