Eating Out Increases the Risk of Stomach Illness — New Daily Detox Remedy May Lower Risk

SOURCE: Zion Health

Zion Health ( Has Announced Today the Release of a Revolutionary Daily Detox Tablet Called Kanwa Minerals That Helps Neutralize Contaminants From Unhealthy Foods; Kanwa, Commonly Sold in Powder Form, Is Now Available in Tablets for More Convenient and Speedy Use for People on the Go

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwire – September 1, 2010) –  Zion Health has released a revolutionary detox tablet that can be consumed daily to neutralize contaminants from unhealthy foods. Stomach illnesses caused by food are on the rise in the United States, in part because Americans like to eat at restaurants. “At least one quarter of American adults eat fast food everyday… during his or her life.” — CBS Health Watch, Eric Scholsser. Numerous scientific research has shown that a unique type of clay called Calcium Montmorillonite also known as Kanwa helps detoxify the harmful effects of eating contaminated foods. Kanwa, commonly sold in powder form, is now available online at in small size convenient tablets for people on the go.

Avoiding eating contaminated food in a fast food restaurant may be almost impossible for fast food lovers. The FDA reported fast food restaurants were found out of compliance at 31.2% for poor personal hygiene and 21.9% for contaminated equipment. Kanwa tablets can be easily consumed with a soda or milkshake after a fast food meal to help offset the negative effects of food borne illnesses.

Most detox remedies are either powders or liquids that are used to treat illness once it occurs. Pepto-Bismol, made from white clay, is commonly taken in liquid form to calm stomach irritation and heart burn. The minerals of Kanwa in tablet form contain a high concentration of detoxifying minerals that work effectively to help absorb toxins trapped in the stomach, colon and small intestines.

President Haim Zion states, “Eating in a restaurant will always impose some health risk. Fast foods are touched by at least ten different hands, and it only takes one person who forgot to wash their hands to make you sick. Kanwa tablets are not a quick fix remedy but can be consumed daily to help deter the effects of eating contaminated foods.” Kanwa, now in tablet form, allows consumers an easier and faster alternative for preventing illness.

Kanwa may be purchased online at and select Health Food Stores in the U.S., Canada, and Korea.

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