What to See on Egypt Day Trips?

Anyone planning an Egypt day tour will in all likelihood have their “must see” list of museums and sites they intend to visit. Many travelers will also prepare themselves by reading about the country, it’s past and modern conditions or travel requirements. While all of this is an excellent way to prepare for such a journey , it might also be a wise idea to explore some of the guided day tours available to visitors in Egypt.

The Importance of a Tour Guide

Why should someone rely upon a tour guide for a full day? Generally, most foreign visitors to Egypt will find it remarkably reassuring to have a knowledgeable and multilingual guide to help them take in their destination, explore it and experience some interesting areas or activities that they may not have known about.

For example, the Luxor area is incredibly popular and well traveled. Visitors will gain ground from a tour guide’s help? with taking in the entire sight, and getting across the river to head over to the Valley of the Kings. Additionally, a pre-arranged Luxor day tour could allow a visit into one of the tombs open to tourists, especially if plans are made through a local tour supplier. (Many visitors are disappointed to find that the tomb of King Tutankhamun is not always open to the public, and usually limits visitors to no more than four hundred a day and this is only because its popularity and large number of visitors were causing the tomb to deteriorate rapidly).

Additionally, many visitors who are not part of a group tour or who would like to really dedicate a lot of their attention to one area might consider hiring a day tour provider to the site or region of their choice.

The Most Popular Day Tours
Some of the most popular day tours include the Luxor area, the Cairo area which includes many “themed” excursions such as the Giza Pyramids , or the Egyptian Museum with a stop at the famous Khan el-Khalili Bazaar, and Abu Simbel which is frequently the stopping point for many historic-themed Nile cruises.

The Red Sea Coastline
Many visitors to Egypt don’t come for the history at all, but for the marvelous beaches, deluxe hotels, dazzling night life and world-class Red Sea scuba diving along the Sinai Peninsula and Red Sea coastal areas. While enjoying such tours  however, many tourists cannot stand the urge to explore some of the beautiful and historic sites, and many will take a day tour to St. Catherine’s monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai , or will take a quick flight to Cairo or Alexandria for a day of traveling .



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