Vacations In Canterbury, Kent

Britain is one of the most popular trip locations in the continent of Europe. One of the foremost reasons for this incredible popularity is the superb list containing  a large amount of world class points of interest and interesting cities often with long histories. England’s history is full of important events which have had an effect on all of us as only a generation or two ago many countries where part of the British Empire. As the British Empire expanded increasing numbers of missionaries spread the Christian faith. Christianity has shaped the United Kingdom and one place which has played a role in this is Canterbury.

Canterbury Attractions

The city of Canterbury is a medieval community in Kent positioned along the River Stour’s banks. This intensely picturesque city is the ecclesiastical capital of the country and this has been the case for many centuries. As a result the city features a multitude of important ecclesiastical structures, the finest being Canterbury Cathedral.

Canterbury Cathedral is most well-known for being the place where Becket was murdered but the structure was founded in 597 A.D. and has a long and eventful past. Within a short space of time after Becket’s death many miracles were witnessed and a shrine was built which very quickly became a place of pilgrimage. Unfortunately you cannot see the shrine because Henry VIII destroyed it but the cathedral remains a place of pilgrimage for large numbers of people.

The town’s most popular museum is The Canterbury Tales. The museum demonstrates, through medieval tableaux, the pilgrimages made during the times of Chaucer. Geoffrey Chaucer wrote the incredibly popular Canterbury Tales which tells the story of five pilgrimages. Audiovisual aids are used to bring the characters to life over three quarters of an hour.

The  Museum of Canterbury (previously called The Canterbury Heritage Museum of the City) is a further well attended museum. Located within the Poor Priest’s Hospital this highly interesting museum displays the history of the town. With the use of ultra-modern computers and other technology, which also includes hologram technology, this museum covers eras ranging from the Vikings to the Blitz.

The Roman Museum is a strange museum in that it is underground. Using real archaeological excavations this museum takes us back to the Roman era using interactive computers. This is your chance to view with your own eyes mosaics in a Roman house.

Obviously the town features many other tourist attractions, simply too many to discuss here. The nighlife would merit another article. In the article above I only discuss a handful however I hope that this has generated an interest with the town and possibly you would give thought to taking a vacation there soon.

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