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 For an amazing travel experience  focused on the beauty of God’s creation , world renown spa treatments, and beautifully exquisite cultural exhibition take a look at Sweden for your next holiday trip .  Located in the northern part of the European continent, Sweden’s storied history is the stuff that legends are made of. Summer, winter, spring, or fall there is something special in the ancient Viking motherland from museums, to Nordic skiing, to sightseeing the amazing natural wonders of this northern country to make any trip special.

Everyone has heard about the fjords in nearby Norway, don’t miss Sweden’s Western Archipelago with its seascape of 8,000 islands, outcroppings, and the like. This is a tremendous place for water enthusiasts to explore and for tourists to enjoy. See it by ferry or explore by kayak or diving.

Likewise, there is little in the world to compare to the dancing skies of Scandinavia. For most of us, one nights viewing of the northern lights makes it all worth it. Just remember, the further north you go, the better chance for a serious light show in the sky.

The region of Smaland, in Sweden’s southeastern forests is home to some of the world’s most renown glass artisan’s and glass factories such as Kosta Boda.  This part of Sweden has developed such a reputation that it has come to be known as the “Kingdom of Crystal”.  The ability to watch as the artisans worked their art is simply astounding. 

Rich in culture, Sweden is not only rich because of it’s Viking heritage, but also for more modern traditions. Visit around the holidays and watch the Christmas festivities or the Santa Lucia celebration in which girls in traditional dress deliver a tray of coffee, rolls, biscuits, and sometimes a Swedish mulled wine known as glogg while wearing a white dress and a crown of lit candles.

Finally, the capital city of Stockholm itself is not to be missed . Home of the modern royal family and built across fourteen islands, it has often been recommended that the best way to begin a tour of the city is by boat. However one visits the city this modern capital is well worth the time to include in a holiday in Sweden.

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