Travel & Leisure Time – Oxymoron?

For me, vacation and leisure, just like sweet and sour, is usually an oxymoron. I really do not consider vacation calming. To the contrary, I still find it stressful, frustrating, and too much like work. My worst nightmare is the thought of packing a travel suitcase. It’s on par with The Exorcist as well as the Night of the Living Dead, when it comes to sheer horror. I feel just like I’ve been given the duty of smashing round pegs into square holes or playing tennis games having an unstrung racquet. It can’t be achieved (by me anyway)!

Then, there is the planning and worse yet, re-planning, because this date isn’t available, that hotel is booked up, and this flight is full! It’s good enough to challenge your patience, otherwise your sanity.

When these obstacles are conquered, you need to then attend the post 911security theatre playing now at an airport in your area!

Honestly, if some entrepreneurial genius would just launch a new airline (they could refer to it  “Air Naked”) for nudists or anyone, for that matter, willing to fly sans apparel, the security lines would move faster than Roadrunner dodging Wile E. Coyote’s falling anvil because even nuns would shed their habit to get past TSA (Totalitarian State of Airport) with some alacrity.

So are we over-reacting, or exactly what! I seriously don’t understand the mentality. 1 nutcase tries to put his shoe on fire and then we all have to shuffle barefoot through airport security. I am half looking to be required to fly “commando” after the underwear bomber incident. Just what next?  Some nerd uses his laptop battery to convert his Dasani to hydrogen and oxygen (ala the Hindenberg) and you have to give up water on the plane! Where does it end? Who among us will draw a line in the sand and say, ‘I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!’ It has reached the point that being protected from terrorism is more terrifying than terrorism! What happened to the United States of America, whose president defiantly quipped, ‘We have nothing to fear but fear itself.’ Did that United States of America crumble into same dismal pile of rubble as the twin towers? If so, then the terrorists have chalked up a victory and we are a defeated nation that simply hasn’t acknowledged it.

If I’ve offended a person with this expression of my views on current travel issues, I do not apologize. I am entitled to my opinion. If you find yourself in disagreement, write your own personal article. Yes, we have the right of free speech, although anti-terrorist legislation allows it to be “bugged” sans warrant.

Until these aforementioned troubles are fixed, I am motivated to become the essential “staycationer”. A leisure pursuit intended mainly for people like me. No stressful preparation, planning or packing. Just get home from work 1 evening, settle into the recliner having a six-pack and switch on ESPN. One or two weeks after, wash, shave and head back to work. Perfection!

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