Travel Insurance For Those Rare Emergencies

Your travel medical insurance may have an eligibility requirement. The concern of this provision could include anything from whether you are in fact traveling in the US or if you are in the state you intended to go to.

Its interesting that in reading over a travel insurance policy, that they would state that in case you are traveling outside the country, that you must spend at least 24 hours or even more away from your home. The states coverage is simply based on what state you live in, not which state you are traveling to, so pay attention to those documents before you sign and pay. The best piece of advice is to ask the rep while you are on the phone. Clarify things first and when you do call, prepare a list of inquiries you wish to be clarified with.

Also be aware who among your family will be covered under the adventure travel insurance plan. Generally, your spouse and children will be covered, but with all the loopholes it does not hurt to ask. In some cases, when you have an adopted child provided that they are under the age of 19 they will add them to your policy. In cases where you had a second marriage and your spouse already had children from his/her previous partner, they may also be covered as well.

Oddly enough, the insurance company may ask poignant questions regarding the child If they older, but what they want to know is this person unable to care for themselves. If the child is mentally retarded and is enrolled before the age of 19, they may normally be qualified to be covered under your travel policy. Inquire about physical disability as they may be covered as well. What they normally just ask of you would be a student id or other forms of identification that would confirm their student status. This is the same whether you want backpacking travel insurance or any other type.

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