Tips On Getting Travel Insurance For Scuba Diving

Believe it or not, there is insurance for Scuba divers.  Much like any other travel insurance policy there are things to ask, search for, and exclusions to bear in mind so you can be prepared, and know exactly what is covered before you jump into the water.

Dive Assure claims to offer two types of policies, dive travel and dive accident.  The company also claims to be the only dive travel insurance ever to provide a policy that is extensive.  Everything in their coverage is primary which means that it would cover anything that is related to diving.  The coverage is designed to protect you whether this is for a vacation, a diving student policy, or diving at home.  Don’t just get the first travel health insurance policy you find.  You will want to shop around for various types of plans, such as one way travel insurance and emergency travel insurance.

Dive Assure has not offered any other type of insurance ever, so they make that their claim to fame stressing that they know diving.  However true it may be, it is still necessary to ask questions. Ask what a diving accident is? This is important to ask because if it is found that it was your fault, then you need to know if they will cover this for you.  You should also know if your equipment is also covered and the types of emergency services they have in case of a diving accident.

Also when you purchase their diving policy, Dive Assure offers membership that includes benefits.  They offer discounts to their store, online stores that they are affiliated with that sell scuba equipment and tools, Car Perks which offers discounts at the dealer on certain makes and models of cars, car rental discounts, magazine subscription discounts, email services with dial-up, and prepaid legal services.

These perks are nice to have, however when it comes down to it, you need to know what your diving policy covers.  Ask for the exclusions or the activities that are not covered.  

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