The Canadian outdoors of North Vancouver! Blessed Outdoors land.

With a big city feel, the City of North Vancouver and North Vancouver real estate is encircled  to the east, north, and west by the District.

Named the downtown area of North Shore by local authorities and housing/commercial operators, the Lower and Central Lonsdale regions of North Vancouver real estate have a lot to offer.  With local flavor bordering the city on three wide reaching sides (north, east, and west), North Shore features Vancouver’s Seabus transit ferry, the Lonsdale Quay general marketplace, various business and residential structures, along with the industry of Burrard Inlet, the region is an awesome place to visit.  Using North Vancouver condos and apartments for rent, and North Vancouver homes for sale, it’s even an incredible place to LIVE!

There remains tons to do!

The gorgeous countryside is famous for its mountainous terrain, particularly Mount Seymour and Grouse Mountain of the North Shore Mountain Range.  Here, you will see some of the most perfect skiing, hiking, and mountain biking anywhere on the planet!  The many trails, specifically the Grouse Grind hiking trail, favored for its sharp grade, attract tourists and locals alike.  And the well known Knee Knacker foot race – dubbed for the bruising and scraping it produces on runner’s legs – spans a 50 km stretch of the Baden-Powell Trail, running from Deep Cove all the way to Horseshoe Bay.  You may often witness these trails featured in popular hiking and mountain biking magazines.

One more interesting aspect of North Shore life has to be shore riding.  As the ground of this region is so wet, coarse, root-filled, and has such diverse grades ranging from flat to nearly vertical, a great way for adventure seekers to have fun was needed.  Literally riding on homemade platforms, ladders, planks and logs (typically cedar), down embankments, rivers, and even swamps – shore riding was born. A sweeping fad recognized within the area as shore riding was first introduced in North Shore.  As the Shore is well known for its wet, coarse, and unforgiving ground surfaces with large drop-offs, new means of recreational “transportation” around these muddy, root-filled embankments, as well us down rivers and swamps, became a local pastime.  Adventure seekers started heading down this terrain on wooden platforms, ladders, planks, logs, and such (preferably of cedar) – and shore riding was formed!

Many people wonder how builders actually manage to construct so many condos (source: REMAX Vancouver) in the area with such soil conditions!

Among the best tourist attractions on the North Shore, the Capilano River is where the Capilano Suspension Bridge is lying. Famed for its sea kayaking and as the home of Deep Cove, Indian Arm is a tributary of Burrard Inlet. The Capilano Fish Hatchery lying at Capilano River Regional Park, the Maplewood Flats Conservation area, and Lynn Canyon Park are three other well known tourist draws.

There’s the Capilano Suspension Bridge above the Capilano River, too, bringing in large crowds from North Vancouver real estate and all over. 

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