Selecting The Right Club For The Shot

Every golf shot requires that you select the correct golf club. An integral part of the game involves making that decision before every shot . Of course, the decision is rarely difficult for the driver or putter, but mostly involves all the golf clubs in between.

First, you have to consider the distance. Obviously, you’ll be required to know the distance and select the golf club that flies the ball that distance for you.

But, distance is not the only criteria . Shot pattern must also be considered . For example, your 5-iron and your rescue club may hit the ball exactly the same distance. However, if your not skilled enough to put spin on the 5-iron, it may roll after landing, but the rescue club may roll only 2 feet . Basically, this is because different clubs also give different flight patterns and also are better for different lies.

Where the ball lies will also influence club selection. A good lie allows a choice of irons, but a ball lying in the rough might not allow good contact. This where a large headed club, or rescue club, is best. It will go through the grass better and is less likely to have the face turned in an undesirable direction by catching it’s edges on the grass.

Experience is the best way to learn , and knowing what to expect in a given situation . Visiting the driving range several times will give you the best idea of how far each of your clubs hit the ball. Take note of the distance difference between each club also. There will be those conditions the are cold or windy and your ball will not fly the normal distance, and it’s important to know how to adapt your distance requirements to the conditions.

Regardless if you use big brand clubs, discount golf clubs or clone golf clubs, you must know which clubs you are confident in playing with in certain situations and how far you will hit with each club today. With practice, you will improve your club selection.

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