Quicksilver’s Clover Rollover Jackpot Hits GBP 2,900,000

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwire – Aug. 10, 2010) – 4 leafed clovers are supposed to be lucky. The hard-to-find good luck charm could come in handy for online casino fans playing Clover Rollover at Quicksilver Games and hoping to win the monstrous £2,900,000 jackpot prize.

The life changing jackpot is the latest in millionaire making games from the online gambling maestros at Quicksilver as they look to offer more excitement than any other online casino out there. Big jackpots are normally an exciting and enticing way of getting people playing slot games but Clover Rollover has one major difference: it’s an intermission game in their online bingo hall.

For the regular Bingo-er the game is a great means of chasing away those intermission blues while waiting for the next draw as well as a great chance to win very, very big. For those who aren’t avid Bingo players, it is still a chance to have some fun and to put £2,900,000 in their bank accounts courtesy of Quicksilver in the process.

Clover Rollover is just one of the many progressive jackpot slots on offer as bingo intermission games at Quicksilver and stands another of the interesting and innovative developments at the online gaming site in 2010, including 3D TV giveaways, Photography competitions, 100% sign up bonuses and more. It is this variety of prizes and promotions that have seen the company originally famed for its high street slot machines rapidly rise to prominence in the competitive world of online casinos.

£2,900,000 is a substantial amount of money to win for a simple spin of a reel and because it’s a progressive jackpot, the Rollover Clover jackpot is going to keep growing until somebody wins it. If you want to play Bingo or slot games, have fun or simply want the chance to become a millionaire in minutes then it is worth visiting Quicksilver today.

About Quicksilver Games: Quicksilver is an online slot machine and game provider. They are also the leading slots machine operator in the UK, with 186 venues nationwide, approximately 10,000 machines and a huge range of online games. Quicksilver is wholly owned by Talarius Ltd. Talarius Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tatts Group, one of the largest gaming companies in Australia, operating lotteries, wagering and gaming businesses.

To discover more about Quicksilver or to make a play for the £2,900,000 Rollover Clover prize please visit Quicksilver online today.

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