Publishers Clearing House Introduces Two Micro-Sites to Its Online Portfolio: "Sweepstakes Information Center" and "Customer…

SOURCE: Publishers Clearing House

PORT WASHINGTON, NY–(Marketwire – September 3, 2010) –  Publishers Clearing House (PCH) today announced the launch of two new micro-sites to its growing portfolio of online properties. The “Sweepstakes Information Center” and the “Customer Relationship Center” were developed to provide customers and media personnel with information about Publishers Clearing House and the company’s famous sweepstakes. These sites will also serve as a first line of communication with consumers about PCH-powered contests and sweepstakes.

The “Customer Relationship Center” represents a new era in transparent and proactive consumer outreach. The site contains articles on how customers can protect themselves from sweepstakes scams, along with general information about different types of prize offers and links for PCH customers to manage their own accounts. The “Sweepstakes Information Center” offers detail about sweepstakes integrity, prize payments and contest processing, in addition to a section for news and press inquiries.

Additional information that can be found on the new micro-sites includes an introduction to the Customer Service Department and the Consumer Affairs Department, legal information, consumer privacy, sweepstakes and contest fraud prevention, recent sweepstakes and contest winners, myths vs. facts about Publishers Clearing House and the company’s sweepstakes, and much more. Consumers can also read up on the PCH team and take a look at the company’s extensive philanthropic efforts.

About Publishers Clearing House
Headquartered in Port Washington, NY, Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is nationally famous for the sweepstakes it has used since 1967 to draw attention to its direct mail and online offers of merchandise and magazine subscriptions. The company’s TV advertising features the iconic Prize Patrol van that annually delivers prizes worth thousands and millions of dollars to scores of shocked winners across the U.S. In recent years the company has built on its sweepstakes heritage to establish numerous online properties that offer new entertaining games, “search (engine) and win” opportunities, and Prize Patrol content of interest to millions of winner hopefuls. With approximately 400 full-time employees, over 40% of the company’s profits go to trusts for the benefit of charities.

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