Mauritius – Travel Safe and Sound with Children Around

Taking your children to a super family vacation in Mauritius will be a memorable experience as traveling to such an exciting destination will open their eyes to a world of new information and discovery.

When you bring along your kids on your trips, it is not only a way of bringing everybody closer as a family but also through a location vacances Ile Maurice as the locals say, your children will definitely be made conscious of the world and its various culture.

Experiencing a holiday in a multi-cultural and multi-religious island in the sunshine can only be a positive thing.

When children are with you, you need to well organised and prepare ahead as they have certain requirements and take care in able to enjoy the family vacation and take essential precautions.

With the simple and practicle tips outlined below we trust that you will fully enjoy your forthcoming family vacation to Mauritius.

If you are busy and do not think to pack everything with you please do not worry as there are many places all over the island where it is possible to obtain anything you may need.

Make sure you take with you some of the following helpful things before you voyage to your dream destination:



Small handkerchief packs

Sunshine screen applicable for each person

Mosquito repellent

The following items are activities which you and your kids can engage in to pass the time in a fun filled way at your Mauritius Holiday Accommodation or Location Ile Maurice.

You and your family may choose to participate in an pastime or play a game in the evenings after dinner or when the climate is not good for the outdoor activity or jaunt which you have planned.

Here are a few suggestions:

Board games


Colouring pencils


Deck of cards


The following will be at all times handy when going to any warm country during your stay.

Once again if you forget any item it is possible to obtain any of these from stores or supermarkets which are widely available in many of the resorts and towns of Mauritius:

Sun glasses

Sun hats

Sunshine visors


These practical tips and suggestions are useful for simple trips and also for holidays which demand a lot of planning.

They will help to maximize your travel and holiday in Mauritius.

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