Know The Basics Of Wilderness First Aid For Safe Backpacking

Most major injuries can be avoided, but sometimes no matter how careful you are an injury will occur.  Even if it is minor it still needs attention.  Every backpacker should understand the basics of wilderness first aid.  If there is a major accident then help could be miles away, so having basic first aid knowledge can be critical.  Even if you do not suffer a major accident, there are still some simple things you can do to prevent problems on a backpacking trail.

Your backpacking plan really has to do with staying safe.  You should have maps of your planned route so you know exactly what to expect.  You should also check out the predicted weather.  If you are not comfortable with any part of your route or with the weather predictions then consider changing your plans.  You should always trust your inner feelings or gut instinct because it is usually right.  You should also be prepared for any weather changes.  You need to really plan out each leg of your journey and include alternatives in case something does not work out.  Your actual plan should be a map marked with your stopping points and labeled to show when you will be walking each area. 

One of the biggest parts of first aid is prevention.  You should understand what you can do to prevent accidents.  This will go a long way to helping keep you safe on the trail.  You should always make sure your equipment is in good shape.  You also need to wear protective gear.  Have a good plan for your backpacking tours and tell someone about it so they can be aware if you should become missing.  You should learn about poisonous plants so you know what to avoid.  You should also learn about basic survival skills. 

Your backpacking plan will help to ensure your safety.  By knowing what to expect and planning for change you can make sure that you are prepared for whatever you may encounter.  The most important part of planning is giving your family and friends the heads up on your plans.  Getting lost in the wilderness can even happen with a good plan, so you are better off not chancing it by yourself.

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