Increase Torque with a Catback Exhaust

Do you want more horsepower   from your car? If so, a catback exhaust system is one of the best answers.

The typical OEM  exhaust system was created  to extract wasted exhaust gases from your engine and send them into the outside air. It consists of assorted tubes, mufflers, silencers, catalytic converters, hangers, bolts, brackets and tips.  The goal of the car manufacturer is to meet federal air quality standards, reduce loud  noise all at the lowest cost. Seldom is their goal to increase power or have a great  sound come out of their system.

Aftermarket exhaust systems can substitute all or just part of the original system. The term “catback” refers to a system that replaces all of the hardware from the catalytic converter to the exhaust tip. Running without a catalytic converter is illegal, and since you must have one, it makes more sense to replace just those parts that cost you HP.

Why do you lose horsepower with a factory exhaust system? If you think about an engine you may remember that incoming gas and air are compressed and then burned in the cylinders. This waste exhaust gas must be removed to supply fresh gasoline  and air to enter for the next cycle. The engine must push these wasted gases out of the cylinders. If the exit path is blocked in any way, then the engine must work  harder to clear a path. This extra effort  takes horsepower. Since an engine can develope  only so much horsepower and torque, using some of it for the exhaust means that less is available for moving  the car.

What can then block the burned gas  flow? Several things can do this. First any bends in the exit tubing will restrict and slow down the waste  flow. 2d is  the factory design of the muffler. While a muffler must deaden some of the exhaust sounds, car designers typically put the reduction of sound ahead of reducing the horsepower loss of a restrictive muffler .

An aftermarket catback system on the other hand is designed to assist and not  inhibit  the flow of   waste   gases. It restores some of the factory  lost horsepower. It may increase the exhaust sound, but many people both like the increase in lower frequency sound and restoration of the lost horsepower. It does  this with larger piping and less restrictive mufflers and lighter weight parts. Typically the better replacement parts also use stainless steel components so that they last much longer than the original equipment components.

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