Important Points About Working Holidays in Japan

Some tourists aren’t just on a vacation in Japan. They are on a working holiday Japan experience. This is actually more enjoyable than the usual vacation trip. You may just qualify for it. The best way to find out is to look at some of the facts about this program.

What is this program?

Some other countries also have special programs that let visitors work and play. Japanese working holidays in particular are special arrangements borne out of Japan’s agreement with other countries and territories. You can only apply for working holiday visas if you are a citizen of Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Denmark, Ireland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, South Korea, New Zealand and the UK. In exchange for allowing citizens of these countries into Japan, Japanese citizens in turn can enjoy similar working holiday benefits when they visit these places.

Before applying, it is crucial to first dissect the term. This arrangement is only for people who wish to first enjoy a vacation and find a job second. In simple terms, you should first be a tourist rather than a job seeker. A job is only an added benefit. When you finally do decide to submit applications, you need to look for one in an unregulated sector. After finding a position, you can only keep it for as long as your visa is valid. For most visitors, this is six months. You may however apply for an extension. Depending on where you live, this can stretch for another six to twelve months.

Who can line up for it?

Aside from residency requirements, there are other qualifications that applicants for Japan working holiday visas must meet. They must be eighteen to thirty years old and must have never been to the country on a previous occasion. Also, they must already have their own passports and be in excellent health.

There are also some restrictions based on financial capacity. Individuals who cannot show proof that they can finance their vacation cannot get a go signal. Applicants should at least show that they have $2,000 intended specifically for their stay in Japan. They also have to show particular vacation plans for their trip with a return flight for home already booked.

What are the expenses involved?

In UK, applicants need to shell out around six pounds for visa application. There is no similar fee for applicants from other locations. All successful applicants however need to pay for their own plane tickets. Depending on where you come from, that could mean spending anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000.

The cost of living is more difficult to deal with. It’s normal to have to spend around a hundred thousand yen a month for food, transportation and lodging. You might however, be able to do away with some of these expenses if you get accepted in a winter resort. Most winter resorts offer free accommodations so you can save what you earn or use it for shopping and entertainment.

A working holiday in Japan is truly an experience to remember because it allows tourists to enjoy the many attractions of the country while maintaining jobs in Japan. If you qualify as an applicant, you should take the first chance you’ve got to apply for the program.

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