How To Adapt Your Stance To The Golf Shot

When playing golf , there are many different shots that you will have to make to be successful . There are a couple obvious shots  , the drive and putt, but it is often that the shots such as the chip and pitch require a greater control and judgment and can be more difficult to master .

On the surface, it appears that all shots are the same and all you need to do is hit the ball with less power to get them to land where you want them . But that isn’t the case as a number of factors come into play when it comes to switching the type of shot you wish to make and how you want the ball to react when it lands.

One of the key points that changes the shot is the stance . Your foot placement and positioning of the ball when we line up our shot is important when it comes to the trajectory of the ball in the air. With the ball being towards the back of our stance your shot will be lower as your ball will be struck earlier in your swing. This kind of shot will travel farther but will typically travel lower .

With the ball forward in your stance it will travel a shorter distance but will be sent higher which can get the ball over tall obstacles. This shot can be good for getting your ball over water hazards or bunkers that could be between you and the green.

The roll of the ball is also affected by the stance too, the lower shots typically have much more pace when they hit the ground so they will often bounce and roll forward a lot, if you are playing on dry short grass then this type of shot is perfect but in the wet or deep rough your ball won’t roll as far as you may have wanted and could stop very short of the target.

The shots with a higher trajectory are also more likely to land and roll very little. Many golfers are able to master this to the point that they can land the ball in one spot and it doesn’t move at all. This is called the flop shot and is shorter but a much higher lofted shot that can help when you want to minimise the amount of rolling your ball does once it lands.

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