Holiday in Mauritius – Trip of a lifetime!

Holiday Villas in Mauritius

If you love excellent weather, enthusiastic amiable service, fine multinational in addition to local cuisine and many water sports on hand for your pleasure, then you will totally love a Vacation in Mauritius.

Rather than choose an dear and restrictive hotel resort , numerous sun seekers, sun worshipers and independent Tourists alike are now moving towards private Villas in Mauritius  as their favoured choice especially as this a lot more cost effective selection has so much more to offer those in search of total freedom and independence.

There is a massive selection of holiday accommodation to choose fromHoliday Villas in Mauritius  are plentiful and range from budget to well beyond the comparable equal of five star.

There are also several modest, guest houses, cottages and gites, all of greatly varying quality and cost that will provide adequately for any kind of holiday the sun loving adventure traveller or beach nut could dream of.

Although when you call up Mauritius, it is natural to solely think of beaches and sand, the island also has a stunningly glorious and ravishing interior, volcanic mountain ranges and lush with hot tropical flora.

Helicopter sightseeing trips are ready to book at the airport, climbing expeditions, and adventure trips are also gaining in popularity for the more daring.

You can travel to the market place in the capital, Port Louis and buy well made clothes at a fraction of the European costs as well as the lovely locally made handicrafts that are for sale and make perfect presents for all the family back home.

However, the prime motivation for heading to Mauritius remains to completely chill out in the sunshine and not have to imagine beyond the next tropical drink or what culinary delights await you for dinner under the evening stars.

The beaches aside from being exquisite and beautiful, extend a great range of opportunities for those who care to search the mysteries of the underwater world and for the adventure enthusiasts who love water sports.

There are numerous scenic bays, with inlets and islets, lagoons and beaches shaded by the captivating casuarinas trees common all over the tropics.

Mauritius has often been likened with the Caribbean, but it scores more highly in several essential ways. The locals are mostly warm, welcoming and hospitable and the ambiance sweet, unthreatening and intimate with unusual smells.

There are blue unclouded skies, an abundance of brilliant sunshine, even in the rainy season from January to March – which is also the best time for deep sea fishing by the way. So what is it about a Mauritius Holiday that makes this Island paradise so memorable?

Go and see for yourself. You will not be sorry.

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