Highlands & Islands Vacations: Visiting The Isle Of Arran

The country of Scotland, in the United Kingdom, is an incredible destination to have a short break featuring a large number of tourist attractions including some of the greatest galleries and museums in the whole of the United Kingdom,  countryside perfect for hill-walkers, mountain climbers, hikers, ramblers and other people of that ilk as well as a multitude of fortified houses, castles, country homes and historical buildings.  In the following article I talk about the Isle of Arran and describe why the island is such a excellent vacation destination.

The Isle of Arran is the 7th largest Scottish island and even though Arran is often referred to as being in the Hebrides it is actually located in the Firth of Clyde which is further south. As tourism is the main industry on the island it will not surprise you to learn that there is an incredible number of hotels on Arran. Though the overall majority of folk arrive at the island to enjoy the picturesque scenery there are also a respectable number of attractions including; Kildonan Castle, Brodick Castle Gardens and Country Park, Arran Transport Museum and Arran Heritage Museum.

There are several population centres, the most important is Brodick, the site of the ferry terminal where you can sail to Ardrossan on the North Ayrshire mainland. Lamlash, located 4 miles to the south of Brodick, is the point of departure to Holy Island.

Lochranza is largest population centre in the northern region of the island and will find the site of the ferry terminal where you can sail to Claonaig in Argyll and Bute. It is important to note that the ferry only sails during the summer months. The village is located in a wide, and very pretty, bay with the ruins of Lochranza Castle being the main attraction.

Blackwaterfoot is the biggest village on the west coast of the Isle of Arran. It features a tiny harbour,a pub and a garage with a petrol (gas) station. Other places worth visiting are; Catacol (in the north), Whiting Bay (south of Brodick), Kilmory (south coast), Corrie (north of Brodick) and last but not least Pirnmill where the finest beach on the island is located.

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