Greek Woman Finds a Way to Battle the Financial Crisis

LONDON, ENGLAND–(Marketwire – Aug. 10, 2010) – Some might call it luck, however Maria A., a Greek woman who found her way on to a live casino website playing online video poker, probably calls it skill. Maria hit one of the best possible combinations with a Royal Flush with odds of 1 to 40,000. The card combination paid her a total of €20,000, from spending just €25 on the actual bet. To make this story even better Maria A, has returned several times and won even more, securing her a sweet summer time.

If only all Greek people were this skilled and lucky playing live online casino games. Maybe this could be the solution to their financial crisis. As Daniel Falk, marketing manager at explains: “It is rare that a player within their first few bets hits such a combination”. “Maria A. is from Greece and her country had a miserable 2010 which only makes us feel better about paying out the win”.

Maria A.’s good fortune seems to have spread the word of in Greece. The same day another Greek woman (Anna O.) also played the casino poker games and won €1,500 on a Straight Flush, only betting a small amount as well. Playing at makes you feel as if you are actually in a real casino, since it’s casino games are broadcast live by video from an actual land based casino in Dublin. Apparently Greek people not only like this, but also seem to hold a winning recipe.

Daniel Falk continues: “Obviously it is a bit odd that we kept losing to Greek players during July, but that is the thrill of casino play. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. The Greeks had an amazing hot streak in our games, so we just have to pay. We do not intend to cover all of the Greek national debt this way, but paying out to a few lucky players is only fair and fun. After all, having the chance to win big is the main purpose of playing casino games at

For Maria A. it looks like this summer is going to be a lot more fun and enjoyable than anticipated. Not only did the Greeks invent our mathematical system, they also seem good at winning on its number games in the casinos.

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