Discover Goulburn in the Southern Highlands of Australia

Goulburn was founded in the early 1800’s and soon became Australia’s first settled city. Now with a population of 24,000 it is one of the largest cities also. Goulburn serves as the hub for the local agriculture.

Goulburn is a frequented point for travelers utilizing the Hume Highway which connects Sydney with Canberra as well as Melbourne. Drive time from Sydney is approximately two and a half hours. To travel from Canberra it is approximately an hour.

The railway which has been in operation since 1869 is still a vital part of Goulburn history. At one time this stop was the southern most destination for the railway system and that status was held for about six years. Now you will find Countrylink system which provides daily service to Goulburn from Sydney. If you wish to travel on the Countrylink system advance reservations are recommended.

The local climate is not like that of other cities in the area. This city sits at the bottom of a valley which makes the weather a little more varied than in other parts of Australia. The summer temperature is anywhere from 10-40C (50-104F) and -5 – 18C (23-64F) in the winter. Because it sits in the valley it can get very windy and cold so dressing in layers is advised.

The concrete structure known as the Big merino stands 15m (49ft) tall and represents the towns dedication to local farming. The Big Merino is home to a gift shop and lookout point, however, the lookout is currently closed for safety reasons. Why the observance to the sheep? Merino is the most common breed in Australia.

Two most utilized parks in town are Victoria Park and Belmore Park. With a beautiful rose garden located in the center of it, Victoria Park has something for the floral enthusiast as well as a recreational area for the children to play. You will find many of the town’s community events being hosted at Belmore Park. Belmore is the setting for the county fair and is located on the north side of main street, Auburn street. While staying in Goulburn there are plenty other Goulburn attractions to visit.

A few other popular attractions include the Goulburn War Memorial. This memorial was built n Rocky Hill in 1924 to pay respect to the memory of the people who were lost to World War 1. From the Goulburn War Memorial you can see town very well, if the museum is closed it is still worth the trip. Many of the Australian blues musicians are honored with by way of the sculpture display outside of the information centre. You can also find such sites as the historic Waterworks Museum, St. Saviour’s Cathedral, antique shops and even the Goulburn Court House.

Two of the highlight events are the Australian Blues Music Festival, held in mid February and Lilac Festival which is hosted in early October. Both of these festivals offer a variety of activities. The Lilac Festival will offer parades, markets and floral displays.

Step out away from town a little and head to Morton National Park. This park offers breathtaking walking trails and a chance to get away from the busy city streets. If you are feeling a little more adventurous make your way to Wombeyan Caves. Although these caves can be accessed with a two wheel drive, the trek will be a little more bumpy as the roads are not quality. Choosing to brave the roads will not disappoint you as the caves present amazing photographic opportunities.

Goulburn brewery will allow you to chance to purchase some of the local beer while you see some of Goulburns fascinating architecture. There are a variety of food and drink choices that one can make while here. Anything from the local steakhouse to fast food chains. Let your appetite be your guide.

As you enter town from the highway out of Sydney there is an array of Goulburn nsw accommodation. Where you stay can vary from a motor inn to a bunkhouse on a local sheep farm. The latter of these stays will often include an opportunity to do some sheep shearing. Cost for accommodations will vary as much as the location.

Goulburn is sure to offer something to everyone. Visiting the Southern Highlands of Australia will likely leave you wanting more and scurrying to make arrangements to return for another stay. Australia is known for it’s picturesque countrysides and adventures, whether it be hiking, visiting the local tourist attractions or spending some time on a local farm you are sure to have a vacation that you will want to share with everyone.

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