Brighton (England) – A Great Beach, And A Whole Lot More!

Tourists from all over the United Kingdom have been traveling to Brighton for holidays for well over one hundred years due to its location and appeal. European tourists also have been coming to taste the flavors of the British south coast for a number of years. Brighton has so many things to offer it is impossible to see them all in a short period of time. There are theaters, libraries, concert halls, a beautiful and extravagant 19th century Royal Pavilion, a marina, a famous grand pier and not forgetting, a fantastic sandy beach. Brighton is much more than this though, the general ambiance of the city gives it an intangible advantage as previous tourists will, no doubt, testify to. It attracts people of all ages and backgrounds, and is one of the most culturally diverse places in the UK. There is a nearby university, which ensures that there are plenty of young people around, and there are plenty of people at the other end of the scale too; those who have been visiting Brighton for years and years, since it was but little more than a small, sleepy fishing village. In terms of accommodation, there is something for all budgets and tastes. From bed and breakfasts, hostels, and caravan parks, right up to themed hotels and 5 star resorts. Though always remember that the best place to be is near the beach. If you are looking for the best cheap seafront Brighton budget hotels, then an online search is highly recommended before you travel. So, to summarize, if you want to experience a charming, typically English, seaside resort, then look no further than Brighton. Having been there once, you will no doubt be a return visitor, just like the most of the millions of people who visit there each and every year. Who knows, you might even be tempted to make it make it your second home!

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