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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwire – Sept. 17, 2010) – The Coronation of Barbara Windsor as the Queen of Bingo sees Jackpotjoy bring out one of their most innovative games ever. Alongside featuring Bingo calls from the Queen of Bingo herself, the game offers members the chance of a big win even after the main game is over…

Innovations in Bingo come regularly to Jackpotjoy, but when they had to design a game that would be worthy of the coronation of the Queen of Bingo they knew they were being asked to raise their game.

Bingo Royale works like a normal game of 90 Ball Bingo, with players taking home 1 line, 2 line and Full House prizes as normal. But the twist here, is that if the Queen of Bingo’s in her palace she’ll appear and issue a Royal Pardon that calls for more balls. The benefit being that more balls mean more players will have the chance to win.

As a fun addition, the size of the Royal Pardon is decided by the Queens dogs – Legs Eleven and Clickety Click – who will bark the number of extra balls needed.

“It’s a really simple idea,” explains head of Jackpotjoy Adele Lawton, “but all the best ones are!

“The idea of getting more winners from the games is something that’s always been very central to Jackpotjoy’s philosophy, and Bingo Royale offers just that. Previously, using Team Bingo and in Monopoly Snap! we’ve found other ways to share the winning, but nothing as direct as a Royal Pardon.

“The secret here, which is a real break from bingo tradition, is that those balls will be called no matter whether they create one extra winner or a hundred! Bingo’s never worked like this before.”

Alongside the revolutionary new win mechanic, Jackpotjoy is also proud to be welcoming their first guest caller – and it’s none other than Barbara Windsor, their Queen of Bingo herself!

“It was amazing to work with Barbara,” Adele explains. “She’s got an incredible energy, and an enthusiasm that’s just infectious. Hearing her voice and her laugh first-hand sent shivers down my spine. She’s a genuine British legend, and a remarkable woman with a unique sense of fun that I think that really comes across in her calls.

“Barbara Windsor is our perfect Queen of Bingo, and she made the perfect Bingo caller!”

You can hear Barbara Windsor calling exclusively in ‘s Bingo Royale Room now…


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After eight years, the Group’s leading brand,, has built an audience of over 3,000,000 members and pays out in excess of GBP 90 million every month. The success of has established the Gamesys Group as one of the UK’s leading online gaming businesses. In 2006 they were named No. 1 in the Microsoft/Sunday Times Tech Track 100 League Table, and they’re now one of only four companies to have appeared on the list four years in a row. This feat reflects both the company’s capacity for sustained growth and its remarkable resilience during periods of financial instability.

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