Anyone Might Choose London For A Gay Excursion

Most gay people will agree that a good place for a gay vacation is somewhere where they can feel relaxed and welcomed and with a good selection of things to do for gay people.

There are few places in the world better than London to take a gay vacation. It was recently voted the most gay friendly city in Europe. London is home to a very lively gay community and the city is noted for its tolerance and diversity of peoples.

The British love their pubs and London has plenty to choose from. There is hardly a street in London that doesn’t have its local pub. There are also an abundance of gay friendly pubs and pubs that cater to an exclusively gay clientele. Whether you are looking for a quiet drink at a riverside pub or a raucous evening of cabaret and karaoke there is a London pub to cater to your choice.

Any gay visitor to London will want to get a bite to eat and there are a large selection of gay friendly and gay predominant restaurants. For the best choice of such restaurants you will need to go to the most well known gay districts of London including Earls Court, Kensington, Islington and Soho. The most talked about gay restaurant is Balans which has branches in Soho and Kensington. Due to its location the Soho branch does get extremely busy and attracts visitors from all over the world. If you prefer something quieter, Balans Soho branch may not be for you.

Visitors to London need somewhere to stay and London has a good mix of gay friendly and exclusively gay hotels and guesthouses. There is accommodation to meet every budget but if you really want to enjoy your stay it is best to invest in one of the upmarket hotels that take gay hospitality to a new level.

Gay marriage is legal in the UK which take the form of civil partnerships. There are few places in Europe better for a gay couple to get hitched. Many hotels and clubs have licenses to perform civil partnerships and a gay couple will be spoiled for choice on where to perform their big day.

A gay trip to London must include a visit to all the famous sights, landmarks and attractions. A good way of seeing a lot of things at once is to go on the London Eye which offers the visitor a panoramic view of the whole city. Check out Buckingham Palace and a visit to the art galleries and the museums is an absolute must for the gay visitor and non gay visitor alike.

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