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The scenic paradise island of Mauritius, also known as Ile Maurice, is situated on latitude 20º south of the equator and longitude 57.5º east and continues to conquer the hearts of visitors from in all places. Mauritius or Ile Maurice provides a “joie de vivre” in mixing faiths and cultures like nowhere else on the planet, which several nations and super powers envy according to Mauritius tourism and Mauritius travel guides. Economically and politically strong, with best per capita earning in Africa, the island has repeatedly been particularly remarked as one of the ideal places for the very best Mauritius holidays, as well as honeymoons and also trade trips. Deep blue skies and refreshing air of Mauritius beaches are the crowning glories of this small spot of heaven within the Indian Ocean.

The main languages spoken in Mauritius are French, Creole Morisien, English and Hindi; a vibrant combination of languages that reflects the array of cultures and cuisines to be found current harmoniously along one another. In the markets, most of the bartering shall be done in Creole or French for a number of items from Europe, India, Mauritius and China, while the food stalls will likely be selling gifts, spices, riz frit, dholl pouri, gato piment, ananas and alouda to name a few favourites from 3 different countries. The most typical Mauritian music is sega, regional folklore music with African origins. Those spirited melodies are frequently played by males, accompanied by female singers and dancers, according to Mauritius tourism and Mauritius travel guides.

There is a huge range of landscape densely packed into the petite Island of Mauritius or Ile Maurice, the middle of the island is dotted with densely forested forms of volcanic jagged hills over which runs transparent streams of water. Well-known for water sports activities, the coral reef encloses a turquoise lagoon perfect for snorkelling and other types of water sports activities, Mauritius beaches are surrounded by white sand seashores, palm and fir trees. The crystal translucent and warm waters surrounding Mauritius or Ile Maurice is the reverie of many and even more. Mauritius hotels in Mauritius or Ile Maurice regularly provide water sports facilities, island excursions, tourism and underwater activities to look at the endless sea treasure, and magnificent marine life and much more. Observing dolphins in the west coast of Mauritius is also one of the extraordinary, fun and remarkable experiences, according to Mauritius tourism and Mauritius travel guides.

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