Arbitron Study: E-GuideTV Valuable for Hotel Guests, Attractive for Advertisers

SOURCE: E-Guide Services, Inc.

Study Finds 97% of Hotel Guests Found System Helpful, Had Good Ad Recall

DALLAS, TX–(Marketwire – July 28, 2010) –  E-Guide Services, Inc. (EGS) and VMH Media, Inc. (VMH) today announced the results of an independent Arbitron Inc. study of its new E-GuideTV service, an on-screen, in-room hotel television guide, which concluded the service is overwhelmingly valuable and popular with hotel guests and an extremely effective vehicle for advertisers. The study, commissioned by VMH, suggests that advertisers looking to target affluent consumers and travelers should consider place-based advertising in hotel rooms.

Arbitron found that 97% of all respondents felt the E-GuideTV service was helpful and that the service exposes advertisers to high-earning, highly educated travelers. Additionally, more than half of E-GuideTV viewers could recall an ad they saw on the service. With more and more advertisers looking at non-traditional models, E-GuideTV provides a new way of reaching just the type of audience advertisers are looking for.

“The Arbitron Case Study validates E-GuideTV as a valuable resource for both in-room hotel guests and advertisers,” said EGS President and CEO Christopher S. Stark, Sr. “E-GuideTV brings the traditional television viewing experience right into guests’ home-away-from-home. We’ve known hotel guests have been excited about this new amenity, and the Arbitron Study further confirms that it’s being well-received and used. Content is king, and that’s why E-GuideTV provides tremendous value to both consumers and advertisers.”

E-GuideTV is an on-screen television channel guide for the hospitality industry that provides programming content for guests and several spaces for advertisers to utilize so they can reach a captive and willing audience. E-GuideTV is currently installed in hotels in 43 designated market areas (DMAs), including hospitality brands such as Hilton, Marriott, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, Radisson, Motel 6 and many more. E-GuideTV and its contracted hotels share in advertising revenue.

With its current 90,000 hotel rooms installed, E-GuideTV has the capacity to deliver 630,000 impressions per day and over 18.9 million impressions per month.

“Hotels are joining airports and office buildings as prime media touch points for brands targeting upscale individuals,” said Diane Williams, Senior Media Research Analyst for Arbitron Inc. “E-GuideTV proved to be an effective method for capturing travelers’ attention as the viewership and advertising recall rates demonstrated.”

The Arbitron study also concluded that E-GuideTV viewers have higher income and education levels than the general population and are almost certain to spend money in the local economy they’re visiting. Survey findings included:

  • 97% of E-GuideTV viewers liked the service and found it helpful
  • Viewers tuned in an average of 3.5 times per day
  • 51% could recall at least one advertised brand
  • Over half of E-GuideTV viewers were planning their next trip while on the current one
  • 30% of E-GuideTV viewers surveyed earned $100,000 annually, compared to 21% of the general population
  • 46% of viewers had a four-year college degree or more, nearly twice that of the general population (26%)

“The most important finding from the Arbitron study is that room guests liked E-GuideTV and repeatedly turn back to use the service,” said Ed Pearson, President of VMH. “E-GuideTV is truly an engaging and effective way to reach and influence this highly desirable traveling consumer.”

Arbitron surveyed hotel guests in Dallas and Las Vegas in April of 2010.

About E-Guide Services, Inc. (EGS)

EGS is the provider of E-GuideTV, a high-performance and fully customized television channel guide. EGS proudly serves the hospitality industry as well as secondary markets with E-GuideTV. EGS satisfies a need for information-rich television programming content not present in these markets, providing properties with E-GuideTV, a state-of-the-art and fully-automated television channel guide that also allows national, regional and local advertisers to reach a captive and engaged audience through a revolutionary advertising platform.

E-GuideTV was a vision of Christopher S. Stark, Sr., President and C.E.O. of EGS. Through his company, FYI Television, Inc. (FYI), the leading provider of onscreen, online, and print television programming and scheduling content information, Stark quickly recognized a great need in the hospitality industry and other markets for timely, accurate and reliable television schedule and listing information. In July 2007, EGS was formed to provide that solution, and Stark embraced a two-fold initiative: to serve these industries with accurate TV listings, and to provide advertisers with a way to reach these highly sought-after and segmented demographic audiences.

E-GuideTV is installed in over 90,000 hotel rooms throughout the continental U.S., accommodates more than 72 prominent hospitality brands and has the current capacity for more than 18 million impressions monthly. For more information on EGS and E-GuideTV, please visit

About VMH Media, Inc.

VMH Media is a national/regional advertising rep firm specializing in the sale of place-based digital out-of-home video advertising. VMH is an Authorized Agent for the sale of ad space on E-GuideTV and has representatives in Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and London. Ed Pearson, President of VMH Media and formerly SVP of ABC National TV Sales, is enthusiastic about this new platform which gives advertisers an opportunity to target specific demographics or areas, even hotels. VMH’s sales team have exceptional and senior level experience in media sales. For more information on VMH Media please visit

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