New ‘DeLUXE San Diego – The Yacht & Lifestyle Event’ Announced for April 14-16, 2011

SOURCE: Events International Company

New Lifestyle Event Kicks Off the Yacht Cruising Season on the West Coast

SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwire – October 4, 2010) – Scheduled for April 14-16, 2011, DeLUXE San Diego is a new event format organized, promoted and executed to establish the newest yachting and lifestyle event launched in San Diego as a world-class destination for yacht enthusiasts, charter clients, and luxury lifestyle connoisseurs.

Announced at the recent 20th Monaco Yacht Show, this exclusive showcase event will celebrate the yachting lifestyle with a line-up of yachts from leading builders and charter companies. Along with presentations from top-marque automobiles and private aviation companies, event attendees will be able to experience jewelry, watches, and fashion from leading domestic and international companies.

“We believe it was important to announce the new DeLUXE San Diego event at the Monaco Yacht Show,” said Tim McGrane, President of Events International Company, the owner and promoter of the event. “As the world’s leading luxury yachting show, and with Monaco as the epicenter of the luxury lifestyle, we wanted to personally introduce DeLUXE San Diego to the global super yacht industry as a new and important event for the charter fleet business and luxury consumers,” continued McGrane.

San Diego and the DeLUXE San Diego event provide a unique opportunity to be a platform for yacht companies to showcase yachts and luxury brands at a venue that is close and convenient to a significant market of qualified ultra-high-net-wealth consumers who appreciate the ultimate in luxury. DeLUXE San Diego will be located in the heart of downtown San Diego at the new Fifth Avenue Marina and San Diego Convention Center’s Bay Front Park and Fifth Avenue Landing, providing an exclusive venue with immediate access to the major downtown hotel properties. 

With an expansive waterfront, San Diego’s Fifth Avenue Marina offers an unrivaled venue in which to exhibit the world’s most exceptional sailing, expedition and cruising yachts for current and prospective owners, as well as to charter clients. Along with its unique location which positions it as a strategic gateway to the entire Pacific, San Diego also supplies all the necessary support services that are essential to the global yachting world.

Further information will be available on the event website: or at tel: +1.818.706.3814 or by email at [email protected].

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