Gradual Reduction of Operations at Mexicana Airlines

SOURCE: Mexicana Airlines

MEXICO CITY–(Marketwire – August 9, 2010) –  

  • Mexicana Airlines to reduce flights
  • Despite the gravity of its financial situation, Grupo Mexicana will make a concerted effort to continue operating with the cooperation of its unions and creditors
  • Passengers already booked on flights will be the airline’s priority over the coming days

Mexicana Airlines today announced that its financial situation has deteriorated substantially in the last week due to a series of events that have strangled the cash flows the airline needs to finance its day-to-day operations. One such event was IATA’s decision to suspend the carrier’s BSP sales channel, forcing it to suspend the sale and issuing of tickets indefinitely, with serious repercussions for MexicanaClick and MexicanaLink sales. Other sources of revenue have either dried up or are being retained by financial institutions following the company’s recent decision to file bankruptcy proceedings.

Consequently, Mexicana Airlines will be forced to cancel certain flights over coming days to optimize available resources and ensure that priority is given to homebound passengers.

Updated information on route and flight changes over the next few days will be posted on, our link and twitter@mexicana_com.

Mexicana Airlines apologizes for any inconvenience these changes may cause passengers and would like to remind you that our staff are on hand to assist you at the call centers listed below. Priority will be given to unaccompanied minors, passengers traveling with children under age 3 and special needs passengers.

Although flights will be reduced to a minimum over coming days, the airline and its employees are determined to make an effort to continue operating out of concern for passengers. It is hoped an agreement will be reached with union leaders and that additional resources can be obtained to secure the financial viability of the carrier.

If you are planning on traveling by air in the immediate future, Mexicana Airlines suggests you consider alternatives, where possible.

Call Centers

***To avoid saturating our call centers, these telephone lines are reserved exclusively for passengers booked on Mexicana Airlines flights. Please have your reservation code handy when calling.

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