Joomla Based Bingo Comparison Site Chooses Morph

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwire – Sept. 6, 2010) – Bingo Hideout, a bingo comparison site focused on the UK market has recently undergone a major redesign, which firmly positions it as one of the UK’s leading online bingo comparison sites.

Bingo Hideout is a modern, standards based website built on Joomla using the Morph template development framework created by The project consisted of a wide variety of tasks including a custom design and Joomla template with a large part of the focus on creating unique views for the various landing pages that direct users throughout the site.

Andrew Neale, co-founder and owner of was the lead developer on the project. “Having Morph and Joomla as the underlying technologies allowed the development team to focus on what is unique about the project rather than trying to build a template and site from scratch.” Andrew also adds “Joomla provided the platform to add, build and publish the content, components and menus for the site. Morph was used to build the template (themelet) from a custom design saving important development time”.

The use of Morph meant there were many hours saved in the template building phase because the Morph framework has all of the tools needed to build and extend the websites functionality with ease for the required design. There was no need to code any html, or build up the javascript and features that are usually required. Most of the work was completed using a combination of CSS and modifying a number of options in the Morph framework control panel through the Joomla component called Configurator.

This efficient process meant a larger percentage of time was spent on building and perfecting the various landing pages rather than worrying about building the template and all the functionality the site required. Morph had everything needed built in, so it was a matter of enabling and in some cases extending the framework when needed. One huge advantage was also that there were very few bugs and inconsistencies that usually crop up in such projects. Morph is a thoroughly tested framework that is used on literally thousands of sites each month with different setups and is a product that is continually improved. This support ensured that the entire process was nice and smooth.

“Two years and hundreds of improvements have gone into the development of the Morph toolset. It is so functional that it is sometimes referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of Joomla! Template development.” Adds Andrew. Thomas Thorns Technical Director at Solid Digital Marketing the company that owns confirms the success of the approach. “This toolset created by the talented Joomla Junkie team includes just about every utility needed to create an enhanced user experience with limited knowledge of website development and design. The development stage has been a complete success and we are now looking forward to UK bingo players making the most of the new features the site has got to offer.”

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