How to Save on Getaways

No matter what time of the year, somewhere in our great country, people are planning, preparing to begin or going on a vacation. The get-away industry grosses billions of dollars a year in profit and it is not hard to see why. People are stressed out, their families are stressed out and with little children as young as ten years old beginning to have health problems associated with stress, the vacationing industry is experiencing resurgence in popularity.

Let’s face the facts – medication is expensive, the cost of living is high and it just is not healthy to raise kids on tv and the internet. Going on a vacation will save you and your family a ton of money in other aspects of your life because vacations make people happy. When you’re happy, you’re more productive and life in general is pretty grand. One of the first things you may come across when beginning to plan your vacation are the best Orlando vacation packages and timeshare promotions – now while this is a good start, you may need some convincing. Can you really afford a vacation? A good vacation for you and the family may be less expensive than you think.

Here are a couple tips to help you realize how affordable and fun a vacation in 2012 can be for you and your family!

Booking flights and accommodation in advance:

While some people may be able to pick up and go on vacation on a whim, others have personal and professional obligations that may make that impossible. If you have a few months or even up to a year in advance, many airlines and hotels offer reduced rates for clients who can pay the full price in advance. This financial commitment secures their business and allows them to offer you deep discounts on the flights and accommodation you and your family will need to make a get-away this year. Use the internet as a tool and find out what deals and specials are available for the destinations you have in mind. A super secret tip? Orlando is great any time of year and there are always a slew of reasonably priced hotels and flights for you to choose from.

Use Apps to find deals to dine:
One of the biggest expenses you will incur on vacation after accommodation is your food bill. It may not seem like it at a glance, but when you’re on vacation, you’re liable to eat twice as much as you usually would at home. Dining out can be very expensive especially if you plan on eating in the theme parks or around them. A good way to find deals on the food you’ll consume is by using your smartphone! There are several applications, some of them free that can help you find diners, drive-ins and restaurants that offer free meals for kids as well as general discounts. When you use these applications, they will provide you with directions, a price range and even a sample view of the menu so you’ll know if you want to make a visit or not.