How Bingo Spread Around the World

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwire – Aug. 6, 2010) – City Bingo is the newly launched online guide to playing bingo in the biggest cities around the world. The bingo resource site provides players with information articles, reviews and polls relating to international bingo. It also gives an insight into how the game of bingo spread around the world.

The origins of bingo are traced by City Bingo to explain how the game developed in Italy in 1530 as a national lottery game. From here it spread to France as the game of lotto and then to Germany as an educational tool for children. From Europe, bingo moved across the pond to America, to be discovered in 1929 by toy salesman, Edwin B. Lowe.

Lowe helped the game to grow in popularity in America by selling it through his toy company. The name of bingo soon became generic as the game was copied throughout the country. This time of the Great Depression was a perfect time for the popularity of bingo to spread as the games only cost a few cents to play and offered the chance to win prizes of hundreds of dollars. This was the main reason why bingo spread so quickly through the cities of America during the 1930s.

After its spread to the UK, the popularity of bingo grew steadily in all major cities, particularly London. There was a surge in the game’s popularity right after the war, when women flocked to the city bingo halls and big weekly games became a regular event. Bingo rooms became a fun and secure place in which to socialise and meet friends.

The game of bingo had similar success in other cities across Europe and further afield in places such as Australia. Bingo has more recently taken off in Asia and looks set to continue its spread as attitudes towards gambling change around the globe.

City Bingo provides numerous articles for bingo fans to explain how bingo has become popular in some of the most glamorous cities in the world. There are also plans underway at City Bingo to expand its selection of articles and polls to offer even more resources. The newly launched information-rich site will be the first port of call for bingo fans keen to understand more about the international appeal of bingo, both live and online. 

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